Building a Suspension System (step-by-step)

For those who want to build their CorteX S197 suspension system in stages, this is the recommended sequence that CorteX recommends you follow. Following this sequence ensures the setup of the car remains in balance through all stages and also minimizes the costs so that no parts are purchased that later need to be removed or replaced.

1.  Watts link  CWL-40-2000S or CWL-40-2000

2. Rear lower control arms CWL-40-1000S or CWL-40-1000

3. Torque arm CTA-40-1000

4. Front and Rear Coil overs  CCK-40-1000s or CCK-40-1000.

5.  Drop ball joints and bumpsteer kit  CBS-40-1000

6. Adjustable front sway bar and possible change of rear sway bar ARB-40-1003 & ARB-40-1005

7.  Adjustable front sway bar end links ARB-40-1002

8.  Cambered rear axle FFR-4001-302S

9. SLA (double A-arm) front suspension either FSS-40-1000X or FSS-40-1000-BD-SLA